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Flexible PVC Injection

Flexible PVC is a thermoplastic material used for the manufacture and application of different objects.

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What does it involve?

This type of material is manufactured from PVC plastic resins along with additives, plasticisers and other components.

This combination makes it possible to shape the PVC plastic to make it flexible and mouldable.

It can be used as a raw material for the creation of objects for all sectors (automobile parts, wiring, etc.) through plastic injection processes, for example.

It is therefore one of the raw materials that we use at GB Inyectados to manufacture our clients’ products. Depending on the needs of the object itself, or the piece we need, we decide to use this type of plastic raw material.

Properties of flexible PVC

Flexible Material

This malleable property is obtained through the addition of plasticisers. As its name indicates, it is a malleable material with a smooth, solid aesthetic that can be bent and returned to its original form easily.

Thermal Insulation

Another of the most notable characteristics is the thermal insulation it provides. This material is therefore suitable for use in electrical applications, as it is capable of conducting the current while offering thermal insulation.

Different colours

This material can be used in a wide variety of both transparent and opaque colours. Flexible PVC can also be purchased in different formats, for example, in tube format, PVC panels, sheets, profiles, etc.

Anti-corrosive and Resistant

It is also an anti-corrosive material, therefore often being used in the world of construction as pipes, fibres, insulation material, etc.

Water repellent

Additionally, it is a water repellent product, perfect for manufacturing flexible materials for outdoors. There are even some types which are oil repellent. This component is durable, resistant to weather conditions and temperature changes. 

Sterilisation process

Flexible PVC does not contain toxic compounds, therefore it is even suitable for pharmaceutical uses, and is also suitable for the sterilisation process. For example, it is used for the manufacture of vials, blood bags, medical gloves, etc.

Flexible PVC advantages

Flexible and mouldable

This type of material is flexible and mouldable, it therefore being possible to work on it in a wide variety of forms. It is also light, resistant and anti-corrosive, being useful for the manufacture of fibres, frames, waterproof membranes, etc.


It is also easy to maintain, given that it only needs to be cleaned with water and neutral soap. It is resistant to breaks, tears and impacts. It has both thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Flexible PVC

Thanks to its benefits and characteristics, flexible PVC is used in the manufacture of automobiles, because its lightness allows great fuel savings.

Different measurements

Many other types of objects are also manufactured, for example: soles of shoes, coverings, tents, swimming pools, toys, etc.


Given the characteristics of this plastic compound, it can be obtained in different measurements. Normally, 32mm or 40mm flexible PVC is used, although it depends on the type of object to be manufactured.

Flexible PVC applications

This plastic material offers multiple applications in a wide variety of products, objects and pieces. For example, at GB Inyectados, we use it as a raw material for the manufacture of other objects through plastic injection.

Below are some of the most common uses of flexible PVC in the industry.

  • Cables. Used both for indoor and outdoor cabling.
  • Toys. Pieces of toys are manufactured in different complex shapes and with greater flexibility.
  • Footwear. Used for making soles of shoes, trainers, sandals, boots, etc.
  • Property sector. Finishes and coverings of properties are manufactured in the form of varnish, for example.
  • Paving and construction. Applied for tensile ceilings and for upholstering walls.
  • Vehicles. Roller skate wheels, bicycle pedals, car parts, etc.
  • As a refrigeration material. For refrigerated chambers, refrigerated vehicles, warehouses, etc.

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Specialists in the manufacture of Flexible PVC

This is a very versatile material that allows the manufacture of countless products, taking advantages of its advantages in production and use.

It has acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics, is resistant to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions, has an affordable price and is one of the most used materials in all types of industry.

At GB Inyectados we have injection material for PVC and the necessary machinery for working on this type of plastic-based flexible material. We therefore manufacture in a quick and personalised way, providing individual solutions for each client with PVC injection.

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