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Butt caps for padel tennis, beach padel tennis and tennis racquets

At GB Inyectados we manufacture high quality, resistant butt caps for padel tennis racquets.

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Performance of padel tennis racquet butt cap

This is one of the most practical accessories of the racquet for preventing the grip from breaking after impacts or abrasion during matches and training.

A padel tennis racquet butt cap is placed on the rear part of the racquet to help protect the grip from handling and the impacts of the balls. Additionally, they are also very practical for attaching the cord, facilitating tying it to the wrist and preventing it from falling on the court.

At our company, we manufacture this type of butt cap in PVC to ensure greater resistance and durability. This material guarantees a much more durable, and above all aesthetic result matching the rest of the design of the racquet.

Quality butt cap for padel tennis racquet

These butt caps are placed on the ends of the racquet, at the end of the handle. It is important to choose a quality, resistant material for them to prevent them splitting or breaking while playing the sport. In addition to aesthetic, functionality and comfort are also lost.

This part of the racquet is essential for tying the cord which allows the racquet to be held, and in case of extreme hits or sharp movements, not to fall to the ground. 

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Our butt caps for padel tennis racquets play in every match

Padel tennis has without doubt been one of the most fashionable sports in recent years. There are many people who practice it daily, and it has become one of the most notable federative activities.

Using quality racquets and accessories

This is the best solution for guaranteeing efficient play. This sport is played with racquets similar to tennis racquets, but which are smaller and have different cords. This accessory is therefore essential to ensure a good grip and to facilitate hits.

To protect the handle and the wrist

This type of hexagonal butt cap is key for protecting the handle and wrist. If this piece is damaged, the tension of the cord is reduced, and the power and precision of the play may also be affected due to having less grip.

As a preventive measure for good condition

Using butt caps for padel tennis racquets is certainly a preventive measure for maintaining the racquet in good condition and prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, they may also prevent damage being caused to other parts of the racquet, such as the tape or bridge. 

We have products of our own manufacture

We are cap manufacturers
pvc for paddle tennis rackets.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of padel racket plugs, at GB Injectados we manufacture and distribute them. 
 Choosing a quality plug is very important to maintain the aesthetics of the racket and, above all, to offer functionality at all times.

Get quality and practical padel rackets with a custom plug and fully adapted to the grips of the rackets.  
Every accessory counts to win the match! 

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