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Experts in plungers

25 years of experience behind us

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Each year we manufacture over 1 million plungers

Own development of plunger products. We have our own development process established through advanced technology which has allowed us to become one of the largest plunger manufacturers in Spain.
Thanks to our years in the home sector we have been able to specialise in it. One of the products we manufacture most are plungers, of which we produce over 1 million per year.

Our plungers are distributed all over the world

All our products are regulated to allow their release in Spain. We take all necessary measures to be able to make our development international. 

Quality and Speed

For all types of hydrosanitary products we also have processes established to ensure both quality and speed.

Different colours, different measurements, everything personalised for the company.

We work with materials suitable for any sale, with phthalate-free materials.

Fabricación desatascadores

We have products of our own manufacture

Dog plungers

Contact us for your projects. Experts in the manufacture of plungers

Contact us and tell us your idea. We will manufacture it through thermoplastic injection.

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