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GB Inyectados, a great family


In 1994 the company begins in what was a farm for animals with a 250 tonne machine and partnered with another person, AMP (Alicantina de Menaje Plástico) being our largest client.


Two years later we expanded our installations to be able to provide greater service as a company specialised in plastic injection. Gómez Bustos is the first visible company.


In 2004, we began a new project expanding and improving the installations, in 2006 moving to where our company is currently located.


At the end of 2018 Gómez Bustos makes a commercial and corporate image change, thereby modernising the company, while purchasing new machinery, many pieces including cartesian robots.

We manufacture products following parameters of quality, design and sustainability.

At our plastic injection company, we have work based on one premise. We are proud to offer high quality products, always taking care of the design and sustainability.

We are fully aware that our responsibility goes beyond the mere manufacture of products, therefore we have adopted the firm responsibility of working with recycled materials, to collaborate with environmental improvement.

In this way, we have joined the fight against climate change and environmental protection. Nevertheless, we must work with other types of polymers when the project requires it, always ensuring that they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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